Putting our shared planet first.

As our modern lives have become more convenient, it has taken an inconvenient toll on our environment. Thinking things through from the perspective of our planet’s well-being, led to our discovery of plant-based meats. Now we know we can’t shift our global eating culture of meat-based diets overnight. But if we focus on delivering the best tasting plant-based products, we believe it will lead us to a future where people will make a choice that is better for them and our planet.



At Next Meats, we approach the production with a mindset to reduce the environmental burdens, so we can pass down a better global environment for the next generation. We endeavor to tackle the challenges around climate change and help change the world with our actions.



Our strength comes from our closely connected R&D network, and our richly evolving ideas around developing taste and texture. Researchers from around the world have openly collaborated--combining ideas from various fields, including life science, food engineering and genetic engineering. We make full use of the ideas and technology gained from this process, to evolve Next Meats every day.



The choices we make today, will change the course of our future. We aim to make plant-based meats a mainstream option. This is not about capturing a passing trend. Meat free alternatives are a new, great tasting standard that isn’t going anywhere.



While contributing to a growing way of life, we will also promote the understanding of the positive environmental significance of next meats. We can help lead the shift from an era of mass production and consumption to an era that collectively thinks more deeply about the significance and value of food. We are not building in the spirit of competition, but in collaboration with each other because we all have a stake in our planet’s future.



We believe in moving quickly and learning from trial and error. This is the only way to stay ahead as our global situation and thinking around the environment grows.